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Our service is provided for all the people of Escondido, we have created a company with your average Joe in mind. We wanted there to be an option for ordinary people selling their cars in a fast way without being ripped off by car dealers or forecourts. We buy a huge variety of vehicles from tatty, old Volkswagens to brand new Chryslers and as we buy so many cars in a domino like fashion (one straight after another) we’re able to offer a good price for even the poorest condition car. We even buy Vans!

Telling you we buy from all may not suit your queries and you may want to find out more about the type of person we buy from, so to answer your questions we will go into more detail:

Parents & StudentsRelying on your car for school runs and hobby clubs means being out of a car for a long period of time could make everything a lot more difficult and replacing them could cost you an arm and a leg. If your car has become road unworthy selling your car as soon as possible to buy another can take a long time and that’s just how we help. We pay cash in hand for any car so you can buy a replacement ASAP.  Our company helps get your routine back on track, quickly.

Vintage Collectors – A huge proportion of our sales are dedicated to car collectors. Often car collectors buy shells of old vehicles with the thought of bringing them back to life but unfortunately things get in the way or it’s just a lot more impossible than you first thought.  Once bought and partially worked on it makes them nearly impossible to sell, just the same as fully working vintage cars. We happily buy these cars with the understanding they won’t sell and still offer a great price.

Taxi/Car rent services – People who make a living from their vehicles have a hugely difficult time once a car needs replacing. Finding time to sell the car and buy a new one means your business isn’t working as well as needed and can bring your bookings down. To avoid this selling your car fast becomes the main priority and that’s exactly what we can do. If needed we can pick up and pay the very same day!

If there is anyone else you can think of that needs a car bought we’re happy to sell to them too, we buy from anyone who personally owns a car!