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Want a good price for your car, with a cash in hand deal?

Selling a car can cause nothing but a headache, but no need to fret ‘cause Cash For Junk Cars Escondido can take away all of your problems. If you need a car sold fast in Escondido, you’ve come to the right place! We’re a leading company which buys almost any kind of vehicle in the fastest way you could think of. Not only are we extremely fast but we also pay same day, cash in hand! What could be better than that?

We’re well known in Escondido for our great service and we’re sure every single customer we’ve had would agree and complement our company. Everyone is looking for a quick, straightforward way to sell their car and we’re happy to say you’re searching has come to a fantastic end. You’ve found us! Selling your car can be an expensive and time consuming process but we make this process a million times easier. All it takes is a single call with little detail needed and we could give you a quote in minutes. No need to worry about delivering the car to us or some meeting half way, we conveniently come straight to your door, pay you and then take or tow (depending on the condition) the car/vehicle with us.

Am I eligible?

We buy from any private owner, so if you’re a small taxi service that needs to sell a used car fast to upgrade or a mom of 5 that needs to sell the old junk car in the yard, we’d be happy to help. We buy from anyone who needs to sell a car fast. We buy from old SUV’S to the top range Rolls Royce. If you consider your car as junk or it is a non-runner, I’m sure you’ll be more than pleased to know that we offer free towing!


Concerned with the environment?

We’re happy to tell you that we’re completely eco-friendly, as a recycling or re-using company we find benefits from all parts of old and used cars. 75% of a car are able to be recycled and we try our hardest to get the most out of that car. Avoid landfills at all costs!

Give us a call and see how quickly we could offer you a great price!



I wanted to let your company know how grateful I am that you recently purchased my used vehicle. I really needed to sell it and was afraid it might take a long time. I appreciate how easy your people were to work with. Thank you again for such great service. - Amanda