A lot of people consider their car as junk and believe it’s worth nothing to anyone but we’re here to give you money for those cars too. If your vehicle is a non-runner and is old we will still buy it from you. To take a junk car to a landfill not only costs the environment but it also takes a huge amount of bills from your wallet. The cost of getting your car towed is extortionate and then you only get a little amount of money back on it, it wouldn’t be worth the cost of getting it towed. That’s where we come in, not only will we give you a reasonable price for your junk car but we will also tow it for absolutely no cost! For free!

Is it Junk?

It’s very hard to distinguish a car as junk and it varies from person to person but we have a few standard guidelines to help you decide. If the car is over 15 years old, unless it is a good condition vintage car then it is considered as junk. If it has over 150,000 miles on the clock, extreme rust all over or has been involved in a major car accident it is more likely going to be also considered as junk. The last thing to determine whether the car is junk is massive damage to the engine, if it costs more to replace the car engine parts than the overall price of the car then it definitely better to recycle.


What’s wrong with taking it to a landfill?

The trouble with landfills is that when a car is now unusable people assume that the landfill is the best or only option. We’re here to show you that this isn’t the case, not only can we recycle your car and tow is for free but you’ll also get a healthy sum of cash for something you thought was junk. Landfills are very harmful to our environment for many obvious reasons but research has now shown it can also damage our health and pollute our waterways. As the metal decomposes it can spread to our waterways and cause harm to us. Not only that but recycled metal is just as good quality as new metal but a lot cheaper, which in turn will bring down the cost of steel and car prices.

We’re recycling for the better and still buying!