Sell A Used Car

Our Company wanted to find an easier way for people to sell their cars in an efficient way and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Our previous customers have been extremely happy with the speed and quality of the service we deliver. We’ve built our service to the needs of our customers and that’s why we offer collection, cash payment and free towing. Of course that’s also why we offer free over the phone quotes. We know what comes to advertising your car, all the hassle you go through and all the tiny details that you need to just advertise. That’s why all we ask for is a few simple details.

This is the most convenient way to sell your car, if you don’t believe us just read all it takes:


If you call us now all we will ask is the make, model and condition, it will probably be the most simple call you’ve ever had about your car. We will then tell you how much your car is worth, if you think by doing this you’re making a deal then there is no need to worry. At this stage we won’t even ask your name. We won’t ask you to commit to anything just yet; in fact you can call back later if you wish to give yourself time to make up your mind.



If you’ve decided that our offer is just what you wanted then you’ve reached the next easy step. The next thing we do is arrange an appointment with you; we work around your needs and lifestyle… Everything is worked out with and around our customers. We will meet you in a place that suits you, so if you’d rather not meet at your home that’s also fine. One of our team members will then meet you in your preferred place to discuss the sale. To transfer the title you will just need to sign a few forms and show some form of identification.

Cash Payment

After the forms have been signed and you’re happy with the car going we will pay you in cash there and then. After we have paid we will either drive the car away or tow it for free (depending on the condition of the vehicle). Make things easier for yourself and give us a call!.